Author’s Appeal

The Romsey Boys who survived the Great War had started to return home from as early as 1914 if wounds or ill health had rendered them “unfit for further service”. The majority were demobbed from 1919 onwards, many carrying physical and mental scars, and expected to pick up their civilian lives where they had left off. Some organisations had been set up; the Comrades of the Great War, the National Association of Demobilised Soldiers and Sailors, and eventually the Royal British Legion all of whom did great things. Ultimately though the Romsey Boys would have been expected to just get on with it.

Thankfully that is not the case today, which is why Pete and Simon have chosen to support the UK charity Help for Heroes. H4H not only provides direct support to the wounded and their families for life, but they also support other service charities. Crucially every penny you donate to H4H will go to the service men and women who need it, not towards the charity’s overheads and running costs. A visit to or, if you are able, the Tin Hut & Tedworth House in Tidworth, Wiltshire will leave you in no doubt as to the dedication and incredible achievements of this organisation.

If you wish to make a donation please follow the link:

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