Romsey Boys Across the Empire and the USA

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From 1900 onwards a number Romsey Boys and their families emigrated to various parts of the British Empire in search of new lives and work. However, when war was declared in August 1914 many returned to England to enlist and many more enlisted in their adoptive countries to become Diggers, Springboks, Kiwis, Cannuks, even Dough Boys.

There are a number of archives across the world containing documents which we are unable to access from the UK that would greatly assist the Romsey Boys in the Great War project, namely

  • Library and Archives Canada – Ottawa
  • The National Personnel Records Centre – St Louis, USA
  • Archives New Zealand – Wellington
  • Documentation Centre, SA National Defence Force – Pretoria, South Africa

If you have access to any of the above archives and would be able to assist us with our research we would be most grateful. If you would like to get in touch with us via the Contact Form on this website or send an email to: we can provide you with the names to be researched, any details that we have already and a brief outline of what we are looking for.