Romsey War Horse Project 2013

Pete and Simon would like to take this opportunity to introduce another Romsey Great War project, linked to next years’ centenary;

Between 1915 and 1919 there was a large Remount Depot on the west of Romsey on Pauncefoot Hill. Where nearly 120,000 were received and prepared for duties in war, mainly in France.The camp needed about 2100 men plus civilian assistants to manage the horses with their needs such as feeding, bedding, training and shipment. After the war the camp was dismantled and is now largely forgotten in the area.

A group of local people aims to produce a memorial to the many horses killed in the course of hostilities in World War 1, with particular reference to Romsey’s Remount Depot.

A local sculptor, Amy Goodman, will produce a suitable statue in bronze-resin that can be displayed near the park entrance, for £50,000 which will include the production of a maquette and drawings that we can put on show as part of the consultation exercise. Her design is of a horse with a soldier at its head.

War Horse